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The MiracleDB solution consists of multiple components, which will be downloaded in a total package.

The solution needs a database called "MiracleDB". If you haven't created that database before installing the component, they will do it for you.
The script "Base+Index" contains a common scheduler module, which the Statistics module depends on. So please run the "Base+Index" before the statistics script.

How to setup
Just download the wanted component script, open it in SQL Server Management Studio, and run it against the SQL Server Instance where you want the MiracleDB solution to be installed. We recommend that you install the solution on all your instances.

Indexing documentation
Trace documentation
Delta documentation
Statistics documentation

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DBArrr Apr 22, 2011 at 10:35 AM 
Ive started using this on a test instance (for now), and Im thinking it will save me some hours of work in standardising maintenance tasks. How about adding some checkdb tasks though?